Vehicle Safety Specialist

Organizational Area

Product Development – Vehicle Integration & Validation


Job Description

The Safety Specialist shall, for the specific system(s) under his responsibility:
- define how to achieve the set safety targets for Maserati models (target setting deployment)
- define preliminary constraints and verification to be performed during the concept phase in order to guarantee robust feasibility of the given targets;
- approve system recommendation for full scale testing
He technically supports PE in the development of the safety system of Maserati models.
He supervises virtual and experimental testing, defines desired /accepted testing methodologies (virtual and physical), leads and performs design reviews and testing analysis to identify actual and potential criticalities, and recommends appropriate countermeasures to achieve the given targets.
He keeps informed on World Wide regulation evolution and identifies and proposes to the Passive Safety System manager updates to safety targets as required for new regulation fulfilment.



Main Activities


The Safety Specialist, for the system(s) under his responsibility:

  • Defines critical parameters that influences safety performances, and specifies required range for these parameters in order to achieve defined targets
  • Performs and leads component and system reviews and virtual DoE on existing Maserati architectures and alternative architectures to identify critical parameters and recommended architecture and critical parameter setting for new models
  • Issues written recommendation on best practice to be followed by suppliers for virtual and physical testing
  • Issues written recommendation on best practice to be followed during the Concept Design phase to avoid criticalities faced in previous programs (lesson learns – know how formalization)
  • Specifies checks (critical sections, coverage areas, virtual analyses) that needs to be performed during the concept design phase to guarantee targets feasibility, and parameters range to be fulfilled during these phase
  • Supports (or performs himself when appropriate) the required checks
  • Leads and if possible performs virtual analysis of the system , to define components targets to guarantee robust fulfilment of the given targets
  • Requires physical testing as appropriate to achieve confidence in robust fulfilment of the targets
  • In case on negative results of DV , or in case of doubts on DV results, analyses virtual and physical testing to identify actual and potential criticalities, and recommend countermeasures
  • Approves (and if needed issues) written reporting of the performances expected by the system after each virtual and physical test loop, identifying criticalities that requires countermeasures
  • Defines recommended modifications to components and their DV Plan, to guarantee robust achievement of the system safety targets, when virtual or physical testing highlights deviation from the expected performance during system development
  • Leads or perform himself analysis of the effect on safety performances of modification to components or component integration needed for other performances, identifies criticalities and recommend countermeasures when needed
  • Recommends the release of the system for full scale testing on the base of virtual analysis, physical testing, and engineering analysis
  • When issuing the system release recommendation, clearly documents the solution of every criticality identified during the system development.




  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical engineering or similar
  • Language skills: at least good knowledge of English, 
  • Literacy with MS Office, knowledge of CAD, intermediate knowledge of Madymo and/or FEM (crash), Altair HyperView 
  • Outstanding analytical abilities, attention to details
  • Minimum 2 years as safety system developer for the specified system(s)
  • Ability to use virtual tools to predict systems results – minimum 2 years of continuous use of Madymo or LS-Dyna or Radioss or similar as appropriate for the specific system
  • Minimum 1 year as test engineer for safety systems or safety components
  • Very good knowledge of crash physics
Business unit
R&D - Vehicle
Modena - Italia
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