Vehicle Safety Performance Engineer

Organizational Area

Product Development – Vehicle Integration & Validation


Job Description

The Safety Performance Engineer (PE) manages the safety performance of a vehicle model from concept release to series production.
He is in charge of the achievement of the safety targets defined for the model within timing and costs agreed in the program approval phase.
He plans and supervises both virtual and experimental development of the safety performance of the vehicle and leads all tasks related to the achievement and certification of its occupant protection performance, including safety relevant homologation within the target markets.


Main Activities


For the specified model, the Safety PE:

  • Defines resources (external and internal hours, vehicles, components, etc) and budget needed to achieve the required safety performances within the set deadlines , based on the model safety targets approved by the Passive Safety Systems Responsible and on the preliminary budget defined by the Safety Concept Engineer
  • Revises Safety Components Product Cards to guarantee they include the appropriate system target requirements
  • Requires the needed budget allocation (resources, costs, vehicles) to the VIR
  • Requires materials needed to fulfil experimental plan, and supervises their delivery in due time to the test centre or the assembly location, as appropriate
  • Defines required contents for the test material
  • Issues content definition for test vehicles
  • Supports the Purchase Department in the selection of suppliers for the integration of passive safety performances, vetoing suppliers that do not fulfil minimum technical requirements
  • Activates internal and external resources as appropriate to reach the vehicle program milestones
  • Controls the quality of performed activities and authorizes payment of costs in coherence with the fulfilment of the deliverables for the activities
  • Notifies the Purchase department of suppliers that do not fulfil required activities
  • In agreement with the Passive Safety Systems Responsible, approves or rejects deviation from internal targets resulting from technical impossibilities
  • Requires and supervises the implementation of changes to the project (components, planning, costs) needed to achieve the target performances
  • Specifies the minimum contents for vehicles/parts for each test phase (CV/DV/PV) for passive safety performances development and certification
  • In agreement with the Model Responsible, approves or rejects deviation from required contents for test vehicles resulting from logistic criticalities
  • Approves vehicles prior to crash tests
  • Revises and approves test set up and instrumentation proposed by the test laboratories, or requires changes and/or integration as necessary, balancing specialists recommendations with budget availability and also considering requirements for numerical models correlation
  • Guarantees that the latest updated project status is available to the safety specialist and component suppliers working on the vehicle model
  • Periodically reviews the fulfilment level of the target performances, and timely informs the Program Manager of any delay or criticality in achieving the required targets, proposing corrective actions
  • Presents to the Team possible alternatives to reduce time and costs with respect with the defined safety development plan
  • Monitors implementation and guarantees introduction in production of all changes approved to achieve the (revised) safety targets
  • Produces or approves all documentation needed for vehicle release and certification
  • Produces and archives all documentation needed to explain decision during the development that can impact product liability
  • Evaluates safety impacts for modification to the model proposed after SOP, and requires Delta qualification
  • Testing when needed




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical engineering or similar
  • English: Minimum level B2, desired level C1
  • Literacy with the Office suite, knowledge of Project and CAD
  • Pragmatic approach to problems
  • Ability to take autonomous decision and take responsibility
    for them
  • Set record of achieving personal targets in timely manner
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Good negotiation and anaylitical skills
  • Minimum 2 years as responsible for performance, costs
    and timing of a complex system, from concept release
    until SOP, through design and testing (not necessarily in
    the same project)
  • Basic knowledge of product liability concept
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in design and / or testing of
    automotive systems or components
  • Minimum 2 years working in a team
  • Experience in budget definition
Business unit
R&D - Vehicle
Modena - Italia
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