Vehicle Cyber Security Expert

Organizational area 

Product Development - Electrical/Electronics - Electrical Architecture Integration

Job Description


We are both researching and reviewing new enterprise-wide features and technologies, as well as providing frameworks, processes and tools to help the research for Embedded Cyber Security in the automotive environment.

Technology is advancing, connection mechanisms are growing, and consumers and hackers are becoming more sophisticated. With increasing networking between modules and access points into the vehicle, the attack surface has increased thereby opening up new potential vulnerabilities. Automobiles are no longer mere mechanical devices but are controlled by dozens of digital computers coordinated by internal networks. While all this technology has allowed for better personalized experiences, seamless integration into a person’s lifestyle, differential services, predictive diagnostics and safer driving conditions, the increase in complexity drives the need for advanced security and data solutions.

Security needs to be built into each of these growing technologies.

The ideal candidate will have outstanding security design analytical skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. We are looking for exceptionally creative, motivated and talented Cyber Security engineers to join our team to evaluate and develop advanced features, toolkits and consult on security-related architectures.

Main activities

  • Develop concepts and solutions around related Cyber Security incidents reported in industry and research organizations.
  • Understand the exploit and report back findings so new requirements, testing or processes can be updated to avoid future risk. Storyboards, use cases, proof-of-concept demonstrations, specifications and requirements development experience
  • Development and maintenance of tools (e.g. Fuzzing) for use in internal vehicle penetration testing
  • Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment tool/modeling
  • Lead technology and security feature projects. Deliver to internal customers.
  • Actively ideate and invent new security techniques or countermeasures for in-vehicle products
  • Own and manage cybersecurity specifications. Provide consultation and help troubleshoot systems.
  • Perform competitive analyses and maintain knowledge of emerging technologies in both the automotive and consumer electronics field
  • Develop security roadmap (near-term, mid-term and long-term focus) as it relates to Security and Safety Features
  • Actively work with Security Partners, Research and Government for information sharing, joint project development, and reporting
  • Some travel expected to cover critical Cyber Security Conferences or meet with other non-local team members


Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and/or related field 
  • Has some experience/knowledge of upcoming embedded module security design and knowledge of new technologies/features (Car Sharing, Autonomous Vehicle, Third party automotive devices, etc.)
  • Experience with writing requirements, test procedures and use case development
  • General understanding of CAN network, Ethernet, firewalls and secure architecture development


Preferred Qualifications:

  • 3 years’ Security experience or CISSP certified (academic work around cybersecurity counts towards experience
  • Master’s Degree in Engineering and/or related field 
  • Knowledge with cryptographic algorithms and protocols
  • Use of IDA Pro, fuzz testers, network analyzer, CAN Network Tools, threat modeling and risk management tools
  • Knowledge with PKI management
  • Experience with Secure Coding Techniques
  • Experience with embedded hardware and software security knowledge
  • Knowledge of digital and wireless communication and familiarity with communication technologies such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi, DSRC and CAN
  • Basic interest and knowledge about geographical technologies such as GPS, maps, geofencing and POIs as well as privacy risk associated with these technologies
  • Self-motivated with the ability to manage multiple tasks. Excellent communication skills.
Business unit
R&D - Vehicle
Modena - Italia
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