Project Chief - Interiors / HVAC


  • To guarantee, supported by the specialist Functions, the development of the whole HVAC Systems, consistently with the quality, performance, timing and cost targets assigned.
  • In case of a maintenance model assignment, all the above mentioned activities will be aimed to manage life cycle upgrades (i.e. Face Lifting, new engine installation), cost reductions and quality improvement.




  • To participate, with pre-development team, to the hand over phase of relevant components/systems for what concern technical solutions and corresponding performance, timing and cost targets (using the appropriate systems).
  • To ensure the completeness/availability of all documents necessary for sourcing start-up (Sourcing Package) and to keep them up to date and consistent with sourcing closing.
  • To contribute, together with people in charge (PR and TPM of each test departments), to the technical validation plan definition of the assigned system (reducing to the minimum the test loops), to test review management and issue resolution according to the model time schedule.
  • To ensure (supported by the specialist Functions) during all project development, the technical feasibility, the design robustness, the component manufacturability and the compliance of technical documentation, through the coordination of  engineering (if necessary) and product suppliers. To point out the critical issues or any infringements of Design/Test Standards and identify the actions needed to respect the assigned targets.
  • To manage, together with DRs, the design/installation FMEAs execution performing the risk assessment and to provide support during process FMEAs execution
  • To make available the documentation necessary to implement technical modifications (ODMs / CCD/CNs), to request their economical evaluations, to support the PR during the approval phase and to guarantee the associated drawings release. To monitor, through the accountable departments, their application in production accordingly to time schedule and procedures provided.
  • To ensure the completeness/availability of all documents necessary for tooling release.
  • To carry out / to ensure, with the help of specialist Functions, the diagnostic activities on the relevant systems/components.
  • To provide engineering support in problem solving activities at the assembly plant from pilot phase through launch
  • Within his responsibilities, PC has to guarantee the conformity to Internal Control System rules.






  • Master Degree in Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering
  • Technical background of fluid dynamics and heat exchange
  • Good knowledge of Office tools
  • Proven ability to lead and resolve complex system issues
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Good knowledge of English Language (Intermediate or more)
  • Ability to work in team and organize complex tasks
  • Good Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
Business unit
R&D - Vehicle
Modena - Italia
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