Interiors - Ambient Light Specialist

Organizational Area

Product Development - Interiors

Job description

The Ambient light specialist will operate within the Interior Team and with responsibility on a Lighting System ( light pipe,LED module and ECU) reporting to Design responsible of the system. 

The profile will manage specific projects managing technical deliverables/documentation and processes for the system.

Responsible for coordination of interiors design/electrical project.

Technical deliverables are refereed as project milestones deliverables necessary at each milestone (i.e: typical sections to support style phase, technical solutions to support development phase and also periodical design review of project status/respect of norms/design lessons learned applications on project thought a design integrity methodology assessment).

Within the scope is to implement improved methodologically of actual standards in order to reach/go above best benchmarking automotive premium solutions found in the markets in terms of costs/quality reliability and aesthetical perception.



  • Degree in Engineering (Preferred Electrical)
  • Related work experience in same role or comparable of at least 3+ years in companies/engineering companies with a premium / luxury brand positioning on interiors.
  • CAD/DRAWING high knowhow with NX/Team center platform fluent usage.
  • Excel advanced
  • Proficiency in English
  • Autonomous working skills (per objectives)
  • Project Management skills
  • Precision of analysis on complex scenario and synthesis of them in simplified key aspects.
  • High capacity of team work and gaining leadership within organization and team to manage of designers and suppliers
  • Capacity of reaching what committed.
  • Flexible, open minded and open to learning attitude.
Business unit
R&D - Vehicle
Modena - Italia
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